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There's no denying that reimbursement changes are top of mind for hospital and program leaders, most notably, Bundled Payments and the inevitable changes this new financial structure will bring to cardiac programs, where such models are being newly-implemented. The goal of increasing the quality and coordination of care while lowering cost is not an easy one, especially for hospitals unprepared to deliver care (and receive payment) for EPISODES of care, rather than discrete services.

This new system will continue to change the way care is delivered, hospitals should ACT NOW in preparation for the October 2017 launch of bundled payments and Episode of Care Models for both AMI (heart attack) and CABG (open heart surgery).

Put the Pieces Together

Bundled Model Basics

  • Hospitals are accountable for the cost and quality of AMI and CABG care during the full EPISODE that includes the inpatient stay and the 90 days after discharge
  • Hospitals will receive quality-adjusted target payments for episode of care based upon blend of regional price and hospital price
  • At the end of a payment year, hospitals that have maintained quality care at lower costs can earn additional payments; on the other hand, those that don't achieve the target price or lower will owe the difference
  • The idea is to create a financial incentive for providers to better coordinate care and keep cost down

Regional Map for Target Price:
9 U.S. Census Divisions (i.e. Regions)

Regional Bundled Payment Map for Target Price
Source: CMS-5519-F

What makes our Bundled Payment services unique?

Corazon can work with you to position your hospital for success during this time of change using a phased approach:

  • Phase I: GAP Assessment
  • Phase II: Bundle Strategy
  • Phase III: Implementation/Financial Analysis
  • Phase IV: Support to Manage the Bundle Going Forward

All programs will need to address this change. Cardiovascular services lines with positive outcomes will need to proactively maintain best-practice, while programs with poor outcomes will need to develop new practices to elevate quality scores.


Are you ready to position your hospital for success?

Corazon can help you understand the financial, strategic, and operational impact of bundled payments through our phased approach to Episode Payment Model Preparedness.

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