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At Corazon, we are committed to remaining on the leading edge of research and on top of the latest literature. We pride ourselves on knowing the industry trends that affect programs across the country. And we'd like to share some of this knowledge to you. Here we've collected together important websites and materials that we feel are worth checking out.

"Orthopedics and Spine: The 5 Keys" is Corazon's proven approach for successful service line development. From assessment to planning to implementation, Corazon is ready to assist hospitals, health systems, and physicians with creating a solid foundation for Orthopedic and Spine Success. For more information on how your organization can implement and benefit from Corazon's "5 Keys" approach for service lines, download the infosheet and contact our office at 412-364-8200.

Accurate diagnosis and procedure coding is critical to the billing process, as is the data that drives quality reporting. Understanding this and other coding and documentation intricacies can lead to more appropriate DRG assignment in all specialties, and sometimes, a potential to increase reimbursement in order to more accurately reflect patient condition. Use this handy Orthopedics & Spine DRG "cheat sheet".

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