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Hearts are HOT!
And so is a soaring Quality Program!

In fact, cardiac services often total the highest case volume at a hospital, which in turn can make them the biggest contributor to the bottom line...in some cases, up to 40%. This can convert to even more in profit with astute business management.

In an age of Value-Based Purchasing, and the potential in understanding health care reform, those programs that have elevated their focus to quality will often times reap the full benefit of their hard work and focus as it relates to providing the "highest level quality of care." The continuing shift toward minimally invasive procedures, such as PCI and TAVR, is also affecting the way that cardiovascular programs are run. Valve and electrophysiology programs are continuing to gain more attention as ways to grow cardiac or cardiovascular service lines.

So it should be of no surprise that heart-related services are among the most strategic for acute care hospitals in this country (and around the globe). This means that all hospitals need to be proactive with ensuring solid quality of care, sound operations, and viable financials within their cardiac specialty. Increasing demand, rising technology and construction costs, the need to address through-put, tightening reimbursement, healthcare reform, physician and administrative talent shortages, and evolving clinical / operational standards are just some of the factors that can present serious challenges to this evolving service line.

If you’re looking for assistance in any of these areas, you’ve come to the right place! Corazon has been in the business of hearts for nearly two decades, and has the experience and expertise you need to optimize your cardiac care. Corazon has grown from a cardiovascular consulting firm to a leader in cardiovascular consulting, recruitment, and interim management, based on the needs and requests of our client partners and the expertise of our team. Let us help your cardiovascular program soar beyond even your own expectations!

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Our Services


Corazon Consulting

We have the integrated knowledge and field experience to take your specialty program to the next level. Our customized approach, proven through work with hundreds of clients across the country, will help make the difference in the cost and quality of care delivery at your organization.

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Corazon Recruitment

The right talent can make all the difference in your service line performance. Corazon is dedicated to niched service line recruitment for program leaders and physicians within the heart, vascular, neuroscience, and orthopedics specialties. We understand the business of these clinical services.

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Interim Managers

Corazon Interim Management

Turnover in the hospital or practice setting is inevitable; however, in healthcare, continuity and consistency are the hallmarks of an efficient and effective service line. It's vitally important to maintain morale, momentum, and overall program performance during times of change.

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IT Solutions

Corazon IT Solutions

As a national leader in the healthcare industry, Corazon takes pride in remaining on the forefront of technology and resources that can help to improve care delivery at hospitals and physician practices...all with the goal of better quality care for patients in the community.

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