Orthopedics Program

Bones are Building Blocks

Orthopedics is a standard service at nearly every hospital in the country, oftentimes with high case volume that makes the service line undeniably necessary, though not always as profitable as it could be. Efficient practice is THE hallmark of successful programs, regardless of size or scope. With continual advances in technology and implants and unique vendor relations, hospitals are at a loss to understand how best to manage this broad-based service.

Orthopedics Intersection

Over the past twenty years, the lifestyle expectations of aging baby boomers, surgeon demands, and marked increases in innovation by essentially every orthopedic company, have dramatically altered this specialty. It is vitally important to balance cost with revenue, manage vendor relationships and inventory, while working to facilitate and maintain strong physician relationships. In fact, orthopedics, perhaps moreso than in any other specialty, the need for collaboration between the hospital and its physicians is vital to success.

Corazon can work with your organization every step of the way to understand where growth opportunity resides—to increase revenue—and where improvements can be made to existing operations—to decrease expenses. All hospitals do orthopedics...the key is doing it right, by offering the highest quality services, at the lowest possible cost, with the finest clinical talent.

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Our Services


Corazon Consulting

We have the integrated knowledge and field experience to take your specialty program to the next level. Our customized approach, proven through work with hundreds of clients across the country, will help make the difference in the cost and quality of care delivery at your organization.

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Corazon Recruitment

The right talent can make all the difference in your service line performance. Corazon is dedicated to niched service line recruitment for program leaders and physicians within the heart, vascular, neuroscience, and orthopedics specialties. We understand the business of these clinical services.

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Interim Managers

Corazon Interim Management

Turnover in the hospital or practice setting is inevitable; however, in healthcare, continuity and consistency are the hallmarks of an efficient and effective service line. It's vitally important to maintain morale, momentum, and overall program performance during times of change.

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