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Orthopedic services are offered by most hospitals because there are very few barriers – such as regulations or high-cost capital investments – to prevent them from providing such services. This environment creates numerous options for patients to choose from in any given market. Patients and families are also becoming better educated consumers, investing time to research and analyze providers before making a decision. Successful providers of orthopedic services are differentiating themselves by creating clear and marketable competitive advantages to ultimately answer the consumer’s question: “Why should I choose you?”

Orthopedics Program

Hospitals are also constantly being challenged to optimize internal operations, improve quality, and maintain financial performance. This all must be accomplished in an increasingly tough healthcare market that includes:

  • Stiff competition among hospitals to attract and align with orthopedic physicians, a necessary component in the development of any program.
  • The prevalence and high cost of implantable devices, emphasizing the need for efficiency and standardization across providers.
  • The increasing shift from inpatient to outpatient procedures, including outpatient total joint replacement, which is leading to faster recovery and improved quality of life, but is also changing patient expectations.
  • Newer risk-based reimbursement models, such as bundled payments, pushing for close collaboration with orthopedic surgeons to align goals.

Corazon’s Orthopedic EDGE Program was developed as a means to create and sustain, not only competitive advantages, but a true edge for healthcare providers that will ultimately redefine your organization’s position in the marketplace. The time-tested and proven methodologies of the Orthopedic EDGE serve as critical foundations for managing market pressures, improving quality and outcomes, and differentiating the patient experience. Results have been shown to drive efficient and effective operational processes, leading to improved physician and staff satisfaction, reduced delivery costs, and increased margins. Corazon’s Orthopedic EDGE can be tailored to individual subspecialty programs, such as Joint Replacement and Fracture Care, or can be applied across the entire Orthopedic Service Line for a comprehensive approach to excellence.

In a specialty this competitive, simply having an advantage may not be enough. Take Corazon's Orthopedic EDGE™ Service Line Foundation Assessment today to find out if you have the EDGE in Orthopedics!

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Corazon's Orthopedic EDGE

Bundled Payments at a Glance

The Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement model of bundled payments was implemented by CMS effective April 1, 2016. This marks the first time that a Bundled Payment model would be mandated by a regulatory body at the national level. Hospital leaders must ensure their facility has an aligned continuum of care for joint replacements to meet the new challenges presented this model. The infographic below describes how these changes can affect hospital payments.

CMS Bundled Payment

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