Vascular Program

A Diamond in the Rough

Vascular services remain largely underdeveloped in many regions across the country, making it a significant growth market that Corazon likes to think of as a "diamond in the rough." While in recent years more hospitals have recognized the integration of vascular services as an important dimension of the overall patient care continuum, numerous programs across the country still have not yet recognized this “gem.”

Vascular medicine holds enormous promise to address unmet and growing patient needs in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of vascular disease. There are multiple opportunities to create formalized care at any hospital, regardless of the scope, but this opportunity comes with formidable challenges. Physician “turf battles,” resource availability (time, money, physician talent, etc.), and tightening reimbursement can prove too daunting for some hospitals. Corazon’s expert advice and progressive thinking within this dynamic and often untapped specialty area can prepare your hospital to ”mine” vascular in your marketplace...and place your hospital well ahead of the competition.

Corazon’s vascular consulting services will assist you every step of the way through the strategic, planning, financial, and operational components in this complex field of medicine. Determining the best strategy to develop a vascular program or service line, working through the scope of services, facilitating physician collaboration and cooperation, and recruiting the best and brightest vascular physicians and talent to your facility are just some of the tasks Corazon will assist you with.

Corazon brings a unique approach to vascular program development that will meet patient needs within the context of facilitating multi-disciplinary cooperation and quality assurance across delivery areas. Let Corazon help you take this “diamond in the rough” and turn it into a brilliant gemstone at the center of your service line’s success.

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Our Services


Corazon Consulting

We have the integrated knowledge and field experience to take your specialty program to the next level. Our customized approach, proven through work with hundreds of clients across the country, will help make the difference in the cost and quality of care delivery at your organization.

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Corazon Recruitment

The right talent can make all the difference in your service line performance. Corazon is dedicated to niched service line recruitment for program leaders and physicians within the heart, vascular, neuroscience, and orthopedics specialties. We understand the business of these clinical services.

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Interim Managers

Corazon Interim Management

Turnover in the hospital or practice setting is inevitable; however, in healthcare, continuity and consistency are the hallmarks of an efficient and effective service line. It's vitally important to maintain morale, momentum, and overall program performance during times of change.

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IT Solutions

Corazon IT Solutions

As a national leader in the healthcare industry, Corazon takes pride in remaining on the forefront of technology and resources that can help to improve care delivery at hospitals and physician practices...all with the goal of better quality care for patients in the community.

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